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About that game

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (also known Spyro x Sparx: Tondemo Tours in Japan, "Spyro: Gateway to Glimmer" in Europe) followed on from the success of the first title, making its release in Autumn 1999 in the USA, Europe and Australia and in March 16, 2000 in Japan. In the game, Spyro and Sparx, while looking for a holiday at Dragon Shores, accidentally stumble through a portal into the realm of Avalar, where the malicious wizard and main antagonist Ripto is taking over the once-peaceful lands. Spyro meets a number of new allies, including the Professor, Hunter the cheetah, Elora the faun, and Zoe the fairy, and must face a new foe: Ripto, a tiny tyrannical ruler, equipped with a magic scepter. Ripto is also protected by Crush and Gulp, two dim-witted dinosaurs. The structure of the game is similar to the first, with levels being accessed from the three main home worlds, named Summer Forest, Autumn Plains, and Winter Tundra. The game introduces some new abilities for Spyro, including hovering after a glide, swimming underwater, climbing ladders, and head-bashing. Unlike the original game, boss fights were now mandatory to advance to the next home world, with Spyro fighting Crush, Gulp and then finally Ripto.
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