isaac, garet, I'm sorry for making you worry

Arr, mateys! You just reached Fire Master, the only approved & listed fanlisting at The Fanlistings Network for the as strong as emotional character Jenna, from the wonderful games Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age! If you are a fan of this hot-headed girl (if you love her funny scenes with Garet too!) ye are highly encouraged to join our fans list! <3
Yeah, I am a proud Valeshipper, so don't try to say MUDSHIPPING, and I'll bite and fell you with a poweful Searing Beam! You warned! :3 I also support Jenna/Garet, since I find their friendship very strong, and maybe a little more than a simply friendship. lol. As you can see, I'm a bit undecided on pairings!

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Fire Master was last updated on 09th April 2017
when Jenna joined! <3
there are 13 adepts listed, from 8 countries {+0 pending}
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april 15 2oo9: made and added one set of codes, featuring a new The Lost Age artwork I found (they are so difficult to find in great quality!) to celebrate the second time I fell the Doom Dragon yesterday, so only the second time I see the final cutscenes in my own language. Hmph, say whatever you want, for me it's a great goal! And the key to obtain this great victory was none other than Jenna herself, who, with her incredible Aura series didn't let any adept being downed (even with Cruel Ruin! whoo!) ever (except Mia, but she was revived) and let me beat that dragon down! hee!!! ♥♥♥
April 10th 2009: Added three sets of shiny codes, featuring the 4-Koma Gag Battle <3
April 5th 2009: I can't believe I'm the new owner of hers!!! <33333