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december 16, 2010: So... it has been a year. A whole year. I admit I've been neglecting this fanlisting a bit, but I'm not here for that. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn has been out for six days and I've already finished it and started it again. Heh. I admit I've been rushing to finish the storyline but... It feels weird to hold something you've wanted for so long. But hey! I'm not here to talk about GSDS, which was kind of a worthy sequel in my opinion, but to tell everyone THIS FANLISTING IS OFFICIALLY TWO YEARS OLD! YAY! and we celebrate with a brand new sign featuring 47-years-old Isaac from GSDD (who actually looks like a 27 years old if it weren't for the beard.). Also, his son and DD main character Matthew is there! ;D
september 13, 2009: almost one year online. it doesn't seem like it, huh? it seems just like yesterday I beat the Doom Dragon and, huh, it's four months already. interesting. I don't think i'll change the layout here, I like this a lot, plus I'm not in the mood for new layouts t_t maybe I'll do a sign or something. maybe.
april 29, 2oo9: added three shiny sets of codes, featuring a shot of Isaac in the Goma Cave and aboard the Tolbi-bound ship and young Isaac just before the fall of the Boulder in Vale! :3 Enjoy!<
april 15m 2oo9: made and added three more sets of codes, this time featuring some screenshots of Vale and Crossbone Isle, to celebrate the second time I fell the Doom Dragon yesterday, so only the second time I see the final cutscenes in my own language. Hmph, say whatever you want, for me it's a great goal! Just imagine the faint xD I was really lucky to beat it with the use of only four adepts! <3
april 9, 2oo9: woo-hoo! I spent the whole day replacing some of the old codes and making new ones: I made 40 codes (whoa! for a lazy-girl like me it's a record!!!) about the 4-Koma Gag Battle, the GS comics, which I HIGHLY recommend you to read, and you'll start rolling and laughing on the floor! Isaac's faces are love. <3 Last, this fanlisting has become the one with the highest number of codes - 66 - on my collective! whoa! And a new affiliate, the Jenna fanlisting (which would be mine! I'm so lucky for being approved for her! hee!)


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