Now you try and talk sense? You really are something else, Hector.
Eliwood: Those two... I can't tell if they're friends or not.

Hello and welcome! You've just arrived to Respite in Battle, a TFL-approved fanlisting dedicated to the odd relationship between Hector and Lyn, from the epic 2003 game Fire Emblem (known in Japan as 烈火の剣, rekka no ken), where the two, together with Eliwood and as his trusty sidekicks, serve as main protagonists. However, ever since the beginning, Hector and Lyn's relationship started off on the wrong foot: having very different personalities (and yet similar), they spent most of their time bickering, arguing and complaining about the other's fighting style, their manners and their behaviour, making up some of the funniest moments in the game. This, however, didn't stop them from striking up a weird friendship that could see them appreciating each other's company one moment and fighting (verbally and literally) with weapons in hand the next.
If you like these characters and the hate-love bond they share (or even if you see them as more than just friends), you are more than welcome to join the fans list!

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Can't hold a candle to you, though.
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