…Your father told us that he had a son. He said you were blessed with natural fighting ability. But he also told us you were compassionate and disdained fighting. He told us that his son would be a better ruler than he was.

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Durandal, the sword of sacred fire...
Hello, and welcome to Inheritance of Flame, a fanlisting approved by The Fanlistings  Network and wholly dedicated to the 2003 GBA game known in Japan as Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (roughly translated as "Sword of Flame" or "Blazing Sword"), or simply Fire Emblem in NA and EU territories. The seventh installment in the Fire Emblem series, it features a medieval fantasy setting, tactical gameplay and over 30 characters to choose, each one with their own class, abilities and personality. In short, this glorious game is worth every penny you spend on it! If you're a fan of it as well, why not join the fan list?

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